a) Payment Terms

For new customers, payment is required at least 3 times in cash or cash on delivery. From 4 order to provide subscription invoice with a 14-day maturity. Exemptions for negotiating payment arrangements can allow only the owner of the company.

b) Price condition

For new customers we approach to determine the quotations individually. The Price offer corresponds to grandness of customer, market segment, the annual demand , references, etc. To determine the basic price offers workers of the sales department acceding according to the market´s segment in the primary structure by point a

c) Provision of billboards for traders

Small panel Order from 5 000 CZK
Large panell Order from 10 0000 CZK
Triangular Order from 15 000 CZK

d) The exchange of goods and packaging

Goods purchased from our customer, can be exchanged only in exceptional cases as follows:

  • undamaged goods that are still kept in the range of products can be replaced piece by piece in a other color or with other products in the same value.
  • undamaged products with damaged packaging can be repackaged into new containers, or exchanged for other goods (exchange only if the product is still in production range) only if the customer will accept payment 6 CZK/container.

e) Complaints technical parts

Complaints technical components are guided by special rules and conduct between the contracting of production and producer