The only one who gives us money for our work is the Customer

What do customers want?

Instency, accuracy, quality

Therefore, we must all accept and identify with the corporate quality policy, which consists of the following seven simple goals:

  1. Adoption and maintain a quality management system rules
  2. Continually searching for better solutions to the workplace and in the company as a whole
  3. Effort to reduce the cost in all workplaces keeping compliance with measures
  4. Positive approach to quality management system and its voluntary adoption by each worker
  5. Active search and removal of "weak points" for both myself and in the quality management system
  6. Constant and systematical elimination of our errors and deficiencies in the manufacturing process
  7. Adoption and maintain the cleanliness, order and rationality in the workplace


"We must always keep on mind that nothing in the world stays the same. Everything is in motion - we, our surround, our relationships, our health, our thinking, our products, our workeverything is changing. Things either deteriorate or improve. There is nothing between its. Stagnation means deterioration. Every moment unused for improvement works against us. We are working so to make things better."